Top 5 Activities For Toddlers Development

Amid all elements of parenting, teaching your toddlers the right value of leading a life has become one biggest challenge to conquer. With every passing day, parenting is turning into something impossible. Right from the education to mental health development, every component needs to be analyzed in a legitimate manner to obtain positive results.

According to pediatricians, the age of 5-13 years is considered to be the best to expand the learning vision. And to let your naughty one make the most out of this time epoch, it is a must that you pay attention to a series of aspects including- communication, physical health, hygiene, general knowledge, emotions and social connections. This string of facets can be referred as the generic personality traits which are must when you wish to give your child the right upbringing.

Unquestionably, parenting is a rocklike responsibility to accomplish, but these below mentioned activities can help you continue this parenting journey in a far better way than it is actually. So, if you are also one of those parents who is looking forward to something which can help you transform your toddler’s lifestyle and habits then you can’t miss on these best and necessary 5 activities which are a must for your child’s mental health and development.


  • Dance- A perfect activity to keep you fit, mental health exercise or the most entertaining segment of your mundane day, call it anything. Dance has the potential to lift up your mood swings or to let you have a better control of your senses. Benefits of dancing for toddlers are seamless. It not just nurtures their mind but gives them the right kind of body fitness which may help your kids live a better lifestyle and stay away from life-taking health issues.
  • IQ games- Engage your child in mind games like chess, puzzle house etc. These games are best to boost up their IQ level. Such selection of games is considered to be one of the biggest reasons behind the raised IQ and improved memory.
  • Sleep- Most of the parents are disturbed with their kids’ long sleeping hours. This has been considered as one major reason for regular tiffs between parents and kids. But rare people know that if a toddler takes a sound sleep for at least 7-9 hours of sleep then it is a sign of healthy mind.
  • Social gathering- Let your kid get involved in the social or family gathering. This is the best way to teach them the value of family members and relationships with them.
  • Learning habits- Teach your toddler the right and healthy lifestyle to be obtained. This includes everything- right from healthy eating habits to conducting studies.

To up bring your child in an apt manner, working on only these 5 components won’t help you anyhow. But yes, if you want to start with the best and the most effective then these can consider appropriate.

The bottom section-

Only parents can help their children grow well and in the best possible way. This way, building healthy relationships with kids become much easier than you ever thought of.

Here Are Some Local Dance Schools to Visit For Kids in Sydney

Dance has the true potential of uplifting your soul & let you groove on the beat of happiness. Apart from cheering up your mood, it has that promising quality of keeping your curves in shape & making you look fabulous as always. To make it possible, there are people who prefer to go for dance classes ropes crossing where you get to practice the techniques of professional dancing.

According to a survey, it has been found that a large majority of people go dancing classes just to keep themselves fit and active. And in order to make it even better from the scratch, now toddler dance classes in Sydney have become one major center of attraction for people.

This one opportunity has helped a lot of people to shape up their body, adopt a flexible, fit lifestyle where you don’t have to worry about your increasing weight and bulging body.

In case, you also have the similar concern for your naughty ones and want to enroll them in a reputed dance school around your locality in Sydney, then check out some of the best dance schools which are waiting to let your kid be a dancing sensation in his/ her twenties.

  1. Sydney Dance Rhythms – No matter you are a beginner or just want to brush up your dancing skills, Sydney Dance Rhythms is one of the highly renowned names in Australia which lets your kid ignite their dancing talent along with keeping their body fit for always. Right from the creative dancing steps to grooving on the kids’ ballet, they can let you learn everything.
  1. Creative Dance Academy – Since 1988, this academy has been serving in Hawkesbury and its surrounded areas. Though, initially this school was established in Hawkesbury but now they are running different dance school branches in Black town, Hills and Penrith region.
  1. Logan Dance Sydney – No matter you want your kid to excel the art of salsa or Latin American dance style, Logan dance Sydney is the apt dancing platform to let your kid groom up perfectly under the supervision of right dancing tutors.
  1. Dancekool – Unearthed in 2002, it was the first street dance studio in Sydney which made everyone crazy about learning dance. At present, they offer classes for around 12 different dance types and this is what makes them one of the highly preferred dance academies in the station.
  1. Mango Dance Studio – Love Bollywood songs? Then nothing can be better than opting for this dance school which has been created by Farah Khan (One of the movie director and choreographers from Bollywood).


Dance is one high-spirited activity which rejuvenates your body and let you live your life to the fullest. In order to experience the same and make a successful career in dancing, you need to be proficient in finding out the right dancing school. And in case, you are fortunate enough to be living somewhere around Sydney, then the above-listed schools are the best choices available to you.

When is The Best Time to Start Dance Lessons For Toddlers?

Dance has become one major attraction, especially for kids. It not just let you have the perfectly toned body for long but also give you the goals to build up your career successfully.

To attain a successful position in your career, dance is something which needs to be learned from a good number of years, only then you are able to achieve that required perfection. There are times when parents do not know the right age to enroll their kids in toddlers dance classes, resulting the students aren’t able to pick up the moves when they should. Apart from this, there are some other factors also which makes joining dance classes at the right time, a big necessity. Here are few of the factors-

  1. Kids can adopt the atmosphere easily
  2. Their body can turn to be more flexible to dance
  3. Adds good number of years to their dancing experience
  4. Let’s them have an opportunity to learn different types of dance forms
  5. Offers a better array of chances to start their dancing career at an early age

According to some practitioners, dance is not just a medium to represent your excitement or happiness but it has the power to rejuvenate your body cells & help you improve your memory to a great extent. This has somehow made kids dance classes in Penrith, a great attraction & medium of learning for toddlers.

The right age to enroll your toddlers-

It’s hard to reap benefits out of anything until you don’t conduct your actions at the right time. Same is the case with enrolling your kids in a dance class. Generally, 90% of a child’s brain develops within the first five years of his/ her age and this is the right time when you enroll yours to any of extra curriculum activity whichever is preferred or desired.

This makes 5-6 years of age apt for a child to start learning dance. Even, according to some experts, it is necessary to enroll your kids to dance classes before the age of 10; otherwise, they won’t be able to reap its maximum benefit or cannot mold their body into a dancer’s body.

May be at the age of 5 or less than that your notorious toddler may do not feel the desire to join a dance class but if you think he/ she has that caliber, then make sure to lure them to join it. Make it a bit entertaining for your kids by letting them have the reward for joining classes. Entice them with its benefits and never forget to motivate your kids in the best possible manner, because this is what brings a confidence in your child to perform even better than they actually can do.

The final word-

Undergoing dance classes at the right time can come up with countless benefits for you. Enrolling your kids to dance classes at an early age is good for their learning as well as for their memory power too.

Creative Dance Academy Expands in Jordan Springs, NSW

Dance- A great way to express happiness and also to keep your body fit, has become a good source of earning as well. Initially, there wasn’t much mania of dancing among people but now several kids dance classes have been started just to boost up the passion for dance.

As compared to last few years, presently kids are much more under the influence of dance activities. This has somehow motivated platforms like- Jordan springs dance classes which have encouraged a good number of kids to think of dance as their profession.

For stepping ahead toward the dance world, there are numberless platforms like Creative Dance Academy which is doing quite well for the passionate toddlers. Being one of the highly recommended dance academies, they offer classes for classical ballet, Jazz, Musical theatre, Acrobatics, Drama, Tap, Lyrical, Contemporary, combination classes and Eisteddfods.

Creative Dance Academy-

Since 1988, Creative Dance Academy has been inspiring people, especially toddlers to ignite their hidden talent of dance and let the world know their caliber & skills. It is a name that has given identification to many kids, now has decided to expand their wings in Jordan Springs, NSW as well. When it comes to dancing, their name is enough to bring a trust factor in the dance teaching and making kids confident to showcase their talent.

The best thing about the pool of savvy dancers/ trainers at Creative Dance Academy is they never enforce a newbie to any random dance form. They start with analyzing the unseen talent of each and every student, only then go ahead to make a move.

Though it started with a dance class at Hawkesbury, but at present, they are serving the best ever dance classes in-

  1. Blight Park
  2. Penrith
  3. Cranbrook
  4. North Richmond
  5. Vineyard
  6. Stanhope Gardens
  7. Wilberforce

Dance classes & groups-

Just to make dance classes much effective, they have segregated students among different age groups. Their dance groups include- Mini magic, Dance & Fun- Junior, Fairy Ballet, Dance & Fun- Intermediate, Acro & Conditioning. All these groups have students of the different age group to make teaching easier than your imaginations.

The mini magic group has students in between 2-5 years where the initial approach of dance is been taught. Apart from the ages, the dance niche also changes with the age & interests. For instance- Fairy Ballet is for 2-5 year old, where students are taught deportment, body awareness and much more. Apart from practical moves, they make sure to teach technical terms as well.

The bottom line-

Creative Dance Academy has raised the bars for passion and this has eventually made toddlers show interest in dance & indulge it in their professional stream. After serving more than 6 different locations, now they are stepping toward Jordan Springs, just to find out more dance passionate kids who can have their own identity via dance. So, if you are lucky enough to be living nearby there, pull up your socks because Creative Dance Academy can knock at your doors any moment.

Become A Professional Contemporary Dancer And Know What To Wear

In any case, they are usually as delicate as modern dances in the films of the famous dance school in Sydney, and artists should remember not to impede or break sensitive material of contemporary dance.

Move clothing manufacturers such as Capezio, Prima Soft, and Danskin, outfits for a broad range of artists, both men, and women. Style of movement and individual needs of the artist determine what rights they choose. Here are a few different styles to consider.

To begin with, there are contemplations of the foot. Tights with a full sock are the most common, suitable for skilful dancing. At this point, online dance classes are held, which end in the middle of the calf, for artists who use outfits or shoes with options, such as welcome meetings or stage revues. Pantyhose has a gap under the foot so that the ballet performers can slip socks under their pantyhose for work of aiming in time.

Make dancing your passion and learn it from dance classes

Different types of modern dance videos and artists, similar to performers of the stage and artists, used tights for many years. This is a place where varieties become, perhaps, the most important factor, with shiny chiselled pantyhose decorating the legs of bicyclists, skaters, artists in the style of the Olympic style, and all the more so since in recent years the players are beta-balls. However, for artists who perform different styles of movement in front of an audience, the decisions are somewhat more significant.

Tights of knitwear have a strip around the lower leg, and pantyhose – even more, cotton blend Capri. At this point, there are tights for fishing, used as part of modern styles of moving, such as jazz.

Online dance classes are also separated by their look, regardless of whether they are polished, foggy, flicker or some place in the middle. The radiance of a favorite pair of pantyhose worn by artists, in some cases controlled by the regulation of clothing in the studio or the kind of movement of the master. While some pantyhose has many varieties of shades, the most widely recognized for the usual styles of movement are pink and black.

Make a good choice before joining any dance classes

Because they are so delicate, the movement of pantyhose requires extremely exceptional consideration. Artists most often do not move on each leg independently and painstakingly risk in them to refrain from overstressing or rupturing the material. If the final goal should last, they should either be washed by hand or put in a latticed bag for machine washing and then dried.

Dancers need to have an in-depth knowledge of their own body and how it reacts to certain types of learning. While in books on anatomy it seems that we are all created equal, it is important to realize that we are not doing this. Different people have various types of body, which will require different training to evoke the same response. While some dances are struggling to create the forces and coordination needed for effective, powerful jumps, others find it effortless. Given the same preparation, four different dancers will keep their differences, but with the help of specially developed programs, they can work on their weaknesses to speed up their work.

Good modern contemporary dance classes in Sydney can make your career in dance very bright. The most basic equipment required by the understudy or expert artist to update their performance in front of the audience.

You Can’t Resist Yourself From Dancing on These Kickass Musical Theatre Dance Songs

Numbers that everyone wants to groove on!

Dance! This one word is enough to send chills down anyone’s spine. It is one such activity that brings positivity, energy & is considered as the best stress buster as well. This has raised the number of musical theatre dance classes all around the world. Even many dance classes in Ryde, go for musical theatre to uplift the spirit of dance.

It’s hard to believe that; dance can be performed without a vivacious song track. To dance with all your energy, it is must to play a full of life song which boosts your enthusiasm to groove on its every beat. And, in order to make it easier for you, here I have got you a list of some peppy numbers that are all time favorite to cheer up your mood instantly & make you groove your body!

  • Be our guest (beauty and the beast) – I know this tale is quite old but its charm is really never-ending. Even if you’ll hear it after hundreds of years, its energy can never die or fade away.
  • Legally blonde (Omigod you guys) – A catchy number to turn on the dancer inside you. Released in 2007, this song has won many hearts due to its spirited lyrics and tune scheme. Must say, this is one of the best songs by Legally blonde.
  • Hairspray (you can’t stop the beat) – After listening to this song, you’ll find the lyrics quite apt, as you actually can’t stop its beat. The best song to take you back into those retro 60s while igniting your dance enthusiasm at its best. It’s a perfect track for home parties that may be played seamlessly till your after party.

  • RENT (la Vie Boheme) – A commendable & enticing masterpiece by RENT that makes you groove your body to the highest power. Just playing this song can create a perfect party ambiance at your home.
  • Chicago (Cell block tango) – Ask your female friends to accompany you while dancing on this peppy number. The mysterious tone scheme goes perfectly with the enticing lyrics. It’s a must-to-listen song number from my all time favorite list.
  • RENT (Another day) – You may or you may not like RENT, but you really can’t really resist listening to this song. The tempting lyrics seamlessly compliment the tone of this song which makes it a great number that can never go off beat.
  • The phantom of the opera (The phantom of the opera) – Undoubtedly, Phantom is one of the best songs with impressive grace which has no competition. It is one of the epic songs that can magnetize anybody’s attention.

  • Wicked (Defying gravity) – This jazz song by Wicked has been a hot topic among young lads, since 2003. It’s enough to inspire any generation with bold lyrics.
  • CATS (memory) – You’ll feel the nostalgia with heart touching lyrics, but the music of the song narrates completely a different story.
  • Curtains (show people) – Though rare people know about it, whosoever knows it can’t resist from signing the lyrics altogether.

Hope now you’re won’t get stick to your old school playlist anymore!

Different Types Of Dances For Kids

Different kinds of dances for kids

1. The Ballet

What is Ballet? Probably the most popular dance class for children, ballet is an artistic and very technical dance form, known for its light, graceful movements.

It originated in Italy in the XIX century and is usually performed in classical music.

Why is it good? Ballet is great for children’s pose and balance. The kids ballet classes Sydney strengthens and tones the arms, legs, legs, ankles and abdominal muscles, and faster exercises will also improve the performance of the heart and lungs.

It is also great for children’s concentration and discipline: they need to pay close attention to the teacher to learn the steps and routines, and again and again to practice the perfect steps.

What kit do you need to start? In most ballet schools there is a uniform: usually a swimsuit with tights or socks and a short, floating skirt for girls and leggings for boys.

Your child will also need a pair of leather ballet shoes – a type with an elastic strap, and not a ribbon, is best for new beginners.

At what age does it fit? Formal ballet classes usually start from three to four years of age, but there are many companies that conduct pre-school classes for younger children.

2. Tap

What is Tap? This American dance form focuses on the legs. Dancers wear shoes with metal plates on the soles and push out the beating on the floor.

He was glorified by films such as “Singing in the Rain,” and is often found in musicals and stage shows.

Why is it good? Tap builds strength in the legs and feet, as well as flexibility in the hips, knees, and ankles.

This will help your child develop an excellent sense of rhythm and musical consciousness, and develop skills of concentration and attention when she studies the subroutines.

What kit do you need to start? Girls usually wear the crane shape of a swimsuit, tights, and taps.

At kids dance classes Sydney Boys wear the same, but with jazz pants or shorts.

At what age does it fit? Most classes of cranes accept children between the ages of five and six; Often children start with ballet to hang the dance basics and then add the tap later.


3. Jazz/modern

What is Jazz? As the name implies, jazz or modernity is a modern dance form, which is much less formal and regulated by this ballet or tap.

It’s great for kids who have a lot of energy and love dancing to different styles of music, from traditional jazz to pop and percussion.

Why is it good? Jazz helps children learn to dance in a variety of styles and combine steps.

Classes are structured, so children build their physical strength and flexibility and learn to tune into their emotions to interpret different genres of music.

What kit do you need to start? Children should wear a swimsuit with airless pantyhose and a separate sole made of jazz shoes.

At what age is it recommended? As with the tap, children often go to jazz, starting with ballet. Minimum age requirements for jazz exams are not required, but they are recommended for children aged five and older.

How is this assessed? Children take the first ISTD exam as a class, and classes from 1 to 8 solos or in small groups.

4. Ballroom / Latin

What is Ballroom/Latin? Ballroom and Latin dances are dancing partners, covering a huge range of styles.

Famous ballroom dances include waltz, tango, fast step, and foxtrot.

Latin, as the name suggests, originated in Latin America and embraces samba, cha cha-cha, rumba, jig, and paso-dod.

Why is it good? Ballroom and Latin are great for flexibility, posture, strength, ability and balance.

This is also one of the most social forms of dance, as children dance with a partner.

What kit do you need to start? Girls wear a knee-length dress with ball shoes, which have a small heel.

Boys wear a swimsuit or a tight T-shirt with jazz pants and ball shoes.

When children grow older and take part in competitions, normal and shiny dresses.

At what age is it recommended? Children can start a ballroom at the age of five but are best suited for older children, since routine is experienced.

Reasons to choose Creative Dance Academy 18/05/2017
Dance classes for preschoolers 02/05/2017

Learn more about the eisteddfod dance

What is eisteddfods?

Eisteddfods are competitions involving testing of individuals in dancing, acting, musicianship and singing. The Sydney Eisteddfod started more than 80 years ago. It offers 400 events in all performing arts to more than 30,000 performers each year. Presently in Australia, dance classique eisteddfod Sydney involves competitions that are reserved for school-going children. In addition, there are various open sections were willing individuals can participate and compete. Most young Australian dancers and actors take active participation in different competitions scheduled all year round.

Eisteddfod is part of art, sport, and science. It incorporates storytelling and symbolism, rhythm and choreography, strength, speed, and movement. It is a healthy and fun activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. With this, Creative Dance Academy strives to ensure that it provides the best resources and instructions that will see you rank among the best. Some of the aspects that make this Academy stand out include the following:

1. Best choreographers

Creative Dance Academy knows that an instructor determines the value of a class. Their instructors are always prepared to ensure that you don’t skip a move. They are also patient enough to cater for each dancer regardless of his or her pace in learning new moves. They always make the growth of a student their priority.

2. Great studio

Different studios have different floors. At Creative Dance Studio, they have insisted on standard dance studio floors that help in shock absorption, which relieves stress from joints and bones, hence preventing possible injuries. Apart from floors, their bathrooms are clean, and the registration areas are well-organized. Through being clean and organized, the dance school Sydney is able to portray how mindful it is about its clients’ experience.

3. Reasonable pricing

You can gauge the cost of classes by comparing prices of different studios. A higher price does not necessarily mean that the studio is offering the perfect classes, and neither does a lower price translate to poor classes. Instead, compare the costs of facilities and quality of classes offered. Doing this will ensure that you get a studio that will offer you value for money, and that is what makes them a worthy consideration.

4. Training programs

If you are a beginner and you would like an extra structure in your training, then consider a pre-designed program is important. Most studios strictly offer drop-in lessons, but if you are looking for one that is capable of providing programs that are specifically targeted for a dancer such as you, then the dance school is ideal for you.

5. Help you achieve your goals

Since dance demands a lengthy duration of training and mastery, discussing your goals early will be very important. Ambitions can shift over time, whereby you may enrol in a dance class for recreational purpose and along the way you decide you want to go professional. To determine what your goals are, it is necessary to determine the alternative options that are available. At Creative Dance Studio, you will get all the advice and guidance you need to make the most out of your dance skills.

Be part of the Dance Academy and get the chance to boost your dancing skills. The studio is a modern, well-equipped, and has professional instructors that will see you improve your skills in the easiest and enjoyable ways.

What Are The Benefits Of Dancing?

A Look at the Multiple Benefits of Dancing

Dancing is fun and is a great weight loss tool. Here are some benefits of dancing. Flexibility is very important part of your overall well-being, especially when you start to age. When you dance, you gain a longer range of motion, which leads to becoming more flexible. Many types of dances require that the dancer can perform moves that require bending, stretching and twisting. All of these types of movements will increase the dancer’s flexibility naturally.

Dancing is an enjoyable hobby, a wonderful pastime and a great fitness routine in its right. In the modern world of dancing, it is possible to find a variety of types and styles of dance to suit anybody’s needs and tastes. Dancing can be amateur and professional; it can be as simple as moving one’s body slightly to a favourite tune or as complicated as lifting dancing partners in the air while performing complicated moves. The idea is great, it looks beautiful, the shows have received tremendous success, but it would also be fantastic if people got up off their comfortable sofas and joined in the fun.

The benefits of dancing are plenty. A regular dancing session starts with a warm-up as it is important to prepare the body for vigorous exercise. Warm-ups are great because they feature stretching exercises and help to flex muscles. Therefore, putting on dancing the night away helps to become more flexible, which is a valuable asset in the world where people don’t have to move about all that much. The local dance classes Sydney is also known to increase general strength and endurance. Depending on the style of dance this will vary. Dances that features jumping and leaping both require strength and when practiced on a regular basis, will gradually build up the strength of the dancer.


Office workers often have a problem with their backs because they are doomed to sitting in front of computer screens for long hours. Stiff shoulders and backs are inevitable with such lifestyles so dancing is an enjoyable way to stretch muscles and move one’s body to prevent health problems. Love of music is a great asset in dancing as some people feel they cannot help but dance to their favorite tune, which is very different in spirit from the monotony of lifting weights or jogging on a treadmill. To those who love music, dancing comes naturally, helping to battle everyday stress and relieve the tension modern city dwellers are suffering from.

Dancing could allow you to grow to be much more flexible as well as strong. With the overall flexibility that is created through dance courses, you can increase the ease which includes working out and exercising as well as permitting your body to become trained to use up more calories and shed weight. Have fun, learn acting, get footloose and just start dancing in drama dance classes. You’ll feel great and get in shape all while enjoying the joy of dancing.

To conclude, dancing is almost certain to increase flexibility, help lose weight, develop strength and endurance, help deal with stress and relieve tension, meet new friends and maintain a healthy lifestyle in general. And, not to forget, it is a joyous pastime bound to put a smile on anybody’s face.