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Creative Dance Academy Expands in Jordan Springs, NSW

Dance- A great way to express happiness and also to keep your body fit, has become a good source of earning as well. Initially, there wasn’t much mania of dancing among people but now several kids dance classes have been started just to boost up the passion for dance.

As compared to last few years, presently kids are much more under the influence of dance activities. This has somehow motivated platforms like- Jordan springs dance classes which have encouraged a good number of kids to think of dance as their profession.

For stepping ahead toward the dance world, there are numberless platforms like Creative Dance Academy which is doing quite well for the passionate toddlers. Being one of the highly recommended dance academies, they offer classes for classical ballet, Jazz, Musical theatre, Acrobatics, Drama, Tap, Lyrical, Contemporary, combination classes and Eisteddfods.

Creative Dance Academy-

Since 1988, Creative Dance Academy has been inspiring people, especially toddlers to ignite their hidden talent of dance and let the world know their caliber & skills. It is a name that has given identification to many kids, now has decided to expand their wings in Jordan Springs, NSW as well. When it comes to dancing, their name is enough to bring a trust factor in the dance teaching and making kids confident to showcase their talent.

The best thing about the pool of savvy dancers/ trainers at Creative Dance Academy is they never enforce a newbie to any random dance form. They start with analyzing the unseen talent of each and every student, only then go ahead to make a move.

Though it started with a dance class at Hawkesbury, but at present, they are serving the best ever dance classes in-

  1. Blight Park
  2. Penrith
  3. Cranbrook
  4. North Richmond
  5. Vineyard
  6. Stanhope Gardens
  7. Wilberforce

Dance classes & groups-

Just to make dance classes much effective, they have segregated students among different age groups. Their dance groups include- Mini magic, Dance & Fun- Junior, Fairy Ballet, Dance & Fun- Intermediate, Acro & Conditioning. All these groups have students of the different age group to make teaching easier than your imaginations.

The mini magic group has students in between 2-5 years where the initial approach of dance is been taught. Apart from the ages, the dance niche also changes with the age & interests. For instance- Fairy Ballet is for 2-5 year old, where students are taught deportment, body awareness and much more. Apart from practical moves, they make sure to teach technical terms as well.

The bottom line-

Creative Dance Academy has raised the bars for passion and this has eventually made toddlers show interest in dance & indulge it in their professional stream. After serving more than 6 different locations, now they are stepping toward Jordan Springs, just to find out more dance passionate kids who can have their own identity via dance. So, if you are lucky enough to be living nearby there, pull up your socks because Creative Dance Academy can knock at your doors any moment.