You Can’t Resist Yourself From Dancing on These Kickass Musical Theatre Dance Songs

Numbers that everyone wants to groove on!

Dance! This one word is enough to send chills down anyone’s spine. It is one such activity that brings positivity, energy & is considered as the best stress buster as well. This has raised the number of musical theatre dance classes all around the world. Even many dance classes in Ryde, go for musical theatre to uplift the spirit of dance.

It’s hard to believe that; dance can be performed without a vivacious song track. To dance with all your energy, it is must to play a full of life song which boosts your enthusiasm to groove on its every beat. And, in order to make it easier for you, here I have got you a list of some peppy numbers that are all time favorite to cheer up your mood instantly & make you groove your body!

  • Be our guest (beauty and the beast) – I know this tale is quite old but its charm is really never-ending. Even if you’ll hear it after hundreds of years, its energy can never die or fade away.
  • Legally blonde (Omigod you guys) – A catchy number to turn on the dancer inside you. Released in 2007, this song has won many hearts due to its spirited lyrics and tune scheme. Must say, this is one of the best songs by Legally blonde.
  • Hairspray (you can’t stop the beat) – After listening to this song, you’ll find the lyrics quite apt, as you actually can’t stop its beat. The best song to take you back into those retro 60s while igniting your dance enthusiasm at its best. It’s a perfect track for home parties that may be played seamlessly till your after party.

  • RENT (la Vie Boheme) – A commendable & enticing masterpiece by RENT that makes you groove your body to the highest power. Just playing this song can create a perfect party ambiance at your home.
  • Chicago (Cell block tango) – Ask your female friends to accompany you while dancing on this peppy number. The mysterious tone scheme goes perfectly with the enticing lyrics. It’s a must-to-listen song number from my all time favorite list.
  • RENT (Another day) – You may or you may not like RENT, but you really can’t really resist listening to this song. The tempting lyrics seamlessly compliment the tone of this song which makes it a great number that can never go off beat.
  • The phantom of the opera (The phantom of the opera) – Undoubtedly, Phantom is one of the best songs with impressive grace which has no competition. It is one of the epic songs that can magnetize anybody’s attention.

  • Wicked (Defying gravity) – This jazz song by Wicked has been a hot topic among young lads, since 2003. It’s enough to inspire any generation with bold lyrics.
  • CATS (memory) – You’ll feel the nostalgia with heart touching lyrics, but the music of the song narrates completely a different story.
  • Curtains (show people) – Though rare people know about it, whosoever knows it can’t resist from signing the lyrics altogether.

Hope now you’re won’t get stick to your old school playlist anymore!